mGifts recommened by Gigamon and PhoneTalk for holiday shoppers

Two publications callout mGifts as one of the best apps for the holiday season.

mGifts gift manager for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) was featured in an Gigaom web article titled “7 apps for conquering Black Friday” where the author, Dave Greenbaum, said, “To track all those purchases and to make sure you’ve got something for everyone on the list without duplicates, mGifts helps you organize your purchases.” Gigaom, a leading tech-blog that has extensive array of reviews and news reports on Apple products.

mGifts was also featured in an PhoneTalk web article titled “10 Apps to make holiday shopping a snap” where mGifts was the recommended gift management app. “The app features a clean interface for keeping track of who is getting what and the ability to see how much has been spent on each person. This list-making app isn’t just for the holiday season, but can be used all year round.” said Joni Blecher of PhoneTalk, a LetsTalk tech-blog with reviews and news reports on mobile and smart phone products.

The mGifts 3.0 update will be available in December 2011 and will include many new features; groups, iCloud sync (iOS 5 required), budget management, share via SMS/Email and more. This update will be free for existing mGifts customers.

mGifts for iOS is currently available via the iTunes App Store for the price of $2.99 during an introductory period after which the price will be $4.99. mGifts is a as a Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which means you buy it once and run it on all your devices belonging to your iTunes account.

About mSeven Software

Based in Portland, Oregon, mSeven Software has developed and supports mGifts and several other applications for the iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms. As a leader in the productivity category, mSeven Software operates on the principle that useful software is “made simple for everyday users.”

For more information:

Contact: David Pfeiffer


Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple in the United States and/or other countries. mSecure, mGifts, mSevenSoftware are trademarks of mSeven Software LLC.


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