mSecure Password Manager is called “a fantastic Password Management Application” recommends mSeven Software’s mSecure Password Manager for Android to growing prepaid-wireless marketplace.

mSecure Password Manager for Android has been selected by the editors at as password manager of choice for the growing Android prepaid wireless users. is a leading tech-blog that has extensive array of reviews and news reports on prepaid wireless products.

Prepaid Android devices have created new opportunities for wireless users as summed up by the Wireless-Guy editor: “It’s nice to have a large Android app market, however, this does impose a challenge finding an app of choice. So many options, some obviously poor, and others quite good. Regardless, it takes time to filter thru the garbage, as well as evaluate the decent candidates. That’s why I created this section of the site; to hopefully help people zone in on the best apps more quickly.”

mSecure was featured in an article titled “mSecure – Password Manager” where mSecure for Android was reviewed and recommended. The site editor, the Wireless-Guy, said about mSecure: “mSecure from mSeven Software is a fantastic password management application.” The article went on to talk about the desktop sync capability: “The synchronization with the desktop works well. It worked so well that I bought the desktop app after a day (it’s a 30 day trial).”

mSecure continues to be held out as an industry-standard amongst every-day users for password and personal information protection. mSecure for Android uses ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. mSecure provides 17 popular personal information templates with the ability to create custom templates to facilitate easy entry of user information. mSecure for Android is also fully-compatible with the company’s popular desktop/laptop products; mBackup and mSecure for MacOS/Windows to make personal information accessible and secure everywhere its needed. mSecure for Android was written from the ground up to be an Android product and has an premium Android look and feel with features like collapsible section headers, search, sort, auto hyperlink launch, notifications bar access and backup/restore to the SD card. mSecure for Android is available at the Android, Amazon and Verizon Marketplaces for the price of $4.99.

mSecure for MacOS/Windows together with mSecure for the Android/iOS enable the user create and manage personal information on all these platforms and then synchronize their data over a wireless network in seconds. mSecure desktop applications are available from the mSeven Software web site ( for either the MacOS or Windows platforms. A 30 trial version is available for users that would like to test-drive before purchase.

Based outside of Portland, Oregon, mSeven Software LLC is a privately-held company founded in 2008 by Ray Marshall. mSeven Software has developed and supports mSecure and several other applications for the iOS and Android, MacOS and Windows platforms in the Apple store, Android Marketplace, Amazon App Store, Verizon Media Store and others. As a leader in the productivity category, mSeven Software operates on the principle that useful software is software made simple for everyday users.

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